The all natural treatment for the relief of the itch and rash caused by poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, insect bites and much more

I was skeptical but at the end of my rope. I'd tried all the lotions, etc that my Dr prescribed, then sprayed on OceanPure and the itch stopped, within a few days the rash was basically gone!
Georgia, MA

Had many bouts with PI and sumac. For sure the best is just to go down to the ocean and soak.
-- Anonymous

I'd like to share that the best remedy for me is ocean water and sunshine ! It never fails me ! A vacation and cure...who needs another reason to go ? Try it !

I get poison oak almost every year and I have 2 simple, similar, effective remedies.
Salt Water and Sun: Hit the beach and splash around in the ocean for a bit. Then grab a blanket and relax in the sun. Chlorinated Water and Sun: Also works with pool water. On cloudy days hit the local health club for a swim and then spend about a half hour in the tanning booth. Problem solved.

Yankee Magazine

Yankee Magazine

Use the Ocean as a Lotion
Peter Brassard,M.D., a family doctor on Block Island, Rhode Island, says that a good sea bath can work. “Just the act of wading in the ocean will wash your sores,” he says. “And the salt water will help dry them out.”

Wash with ocean water. If you are near the ocean, stand in the water and gently rub some of the ocean sand over your poison ivy blisters. Once the blisters break, allow the ocean water to pass over the wounds.
  • This treatment dries up the poison ivy remarkably fast, and rashes may clear up within one or two days.
  • Note that you must use natural ocean water. Do not use water from a fresh water source, like a lake, and do not attempt to mimic the effect of ocean water by combining water and salt.
Fox News

Fox News

“I discovered this method one summer and want to pass it on. This is an outright cure. If you are near the ocean anywhere, get into the water, lightly break the poison ivy blisters with sand and let the ocean water get at it. This dries up poison ivy faster than any other treatment I know. This can get rid of poison ivy in just a day or two.”

So what is the "poison ivy cure" I found?  Ocean water. That is to say the actual water in the ocean. I just walked into the ocean, grabbed the sand from the ocean floor and lightly scrubbed the affected areas. The water cooled the itching and it has apparently started drying up the bumps.  It isn't a completely instantaneous fix, because I have needed to go swimming again occasionally, but what a relief when I come out of the water!  After each application of the salt water, the rash is smaller and smaller and the relief longer lasting and longer lasting.